Fee-Only Investment Management

AFCG provides full-time, discretionary investment management services to a wide range of clients including individuals, families, small business owners, trusts, retirement accounts (IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs, etc.), and employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans (profit-sharing).

We help clients plan and invest for a variety of needs and life stages including:

  • Accumulation / Capital Appreciation
  • Transition / Retirement
  • Distribution / Income
  • Legacy / Intergenerational Transfer

Our investment management agreement provides AFCG with a limited power of attorney to buy/sell securities on our clients' behalf in accordance with their pre-determined investment objectives and deduct our annual fee on a quarterly basis.

Client accounts are custodied with the institutional wealth services platform of a major discount brokerage firm.  Clients retain access to and control over their accounts at all times.  Periodic brokerage account statements and trade confirmations are sent directly to clients by the custodian.  

Clients also receive secure 24-hour online access through the custodian's web site to view their brokerage accounts with real-time portfolio data.  Clients can download historical account statements and important tax documents directly from the custodian.

After each quarter, AFCG also provides clients with a detailed summary of account holdings and investment performance reports (net of all fees and transaction costs) to supplement the custodian's monthly brokerage account statements. 

Fee Schedule

Our annual asset management fee is billed quarterly in advance at the beginning of each calendar quarter based upon the market value of the client's account at the end of the previous quarter.  New accounts established within a quarter are billed in advance on a pro-rata basis.

Annual Fee     Household Assets Under Management
 1.00%               on the first $999,999
 0.75%               on the next $4,000,000 (up to and including $4,999,999)

 0.50%               on the amount over $4,999,999

Our Investment Process

AFCG follows an in-depth, seven-step process when establishing and managing investment accounts for our clients:

Step 1: Begin with the End in Mind.  Establishing your unique financial objectives and expectations up-front is the foundation of our investment management process.  We work closely with you to develop a clear understanding of your financial goals and personal view towards investing.

Step 2: Understand Financial Risks.  The concept of "risk management" is the single most important element to address in the investment process.  We help you identify the risks you may face including volatility risk, longevity risk, and inflation risk, and then formulate an investment plan to address the risks over time.  

Step 3: Asset Allocation.  Determining an appropriate mix of investments for growth and/or income among different asset classes (e.g., Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Gold/Silver Bullion, Natural Resources, etc.) is essential for risk management.  Diversifying across multiple asset classes with low correlations to one another can help minimize volatility and other financial risks, while providing exposure to factors that generate growth potential and help offset inflation.

Step 4: Investment Policy Statement (IPS).  The IPS serves as a written blueprint to guide the investment process based on your personal goals.  The IPS incorporates your financial objectives, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, investment criteria, and special circumstances such as investment restrictions, concentrated stock positions, and/or unique tax issues.  The IPS sets the guidelines for AFCG's role in managing your money. 

Step 5:  Implementation.  After the IPS is completed, we identify investments--either owned by you or part of the AFCG model portfolios--to be held and then execute the transactions over time that will bring your investment accounts in line with the guidelines established in the IPS.

Step 6: Portfolio Monitoring and Reporting.  AFCG actively monitors your investment portfolio and makes periodic adjustments in keeping with the asset allocation guidelines in the IPS.  On a quarterly basis, we provide investment performance reports (net of all fees and transaction costs).  

Step 7:  Periodic Review and Update. On an annual basis or upon your request, AFCG revisits your objectives in order to ensure that the overall investment strategy adequately reflects your current financial circumstances.  

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