Our New Client Process

AFCG's new client integration process described below is an overview of what to expect when getting started.  We recognize that our process requires a time commitment on the part of each new client to gather data and compile important documents. 

Because each client situation is unique in terms of the level of financial organization, availability for meetings during the business day, etc., we make every effort to work at the pace of the client and remain as flexible as possible in accommodating schedules for meeting purposes.

Our confidential process for helping you get started as a client is outlined below.

Step 1: Give Us A Call

Schedule an initial introductory phone conversation and/or in-person meeting to discuss your needs and determine which services may be appropriate for you.  All initial conversations and meetings are free of charge with no obligations. 

Your personal information provided to AFCG is held in strict confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  At the initial meeting, you will also receive a copy of our Form ADV Part 2.

Step 2:  Complete Our Confidential Client Questionnaire

A copy of our Confidential Client Questionnaire can be downloaded from our New Client Forms section.  The questionnaire is designed to help us learn more about you and provide us with an important snapshot of your current financial situation. 

Our clients generally find that completing the questionnaire is a very helpful organizational process.  It can open up important planning topics for us to review and facilitate a meaningful discussion about your personal financial goals and objectives. 

A completed copy of the questionnaire can be submitted to us in advance of the initial introductory meeting, or you are welcome to bring a copy with you.  Some clients prefer to complete our questionnaire after the initial introductory meeting, which is perfectly acceptable.

Upon a formal engagement, AFCG may provide additional data collection worksheets for specific financial planning modules to supplement the primary questionnaire.

Step 3:  Schedule An Initial Client Meeting

Schedule an initial client meeting with us for the following:

  • Review the completed questionnaire and requested financial data.
  • Review and sign client agreement(s) and new account paperwork as applicable.  
  • Discuss personal financial goals and objectives for planning purposes.

Step 4:  Schedule A Follow-Up Client Meeting

Schedule a second, follow-up meeting with us for the following:

  • Review the completed financial and/or investment plan.
  • Discuss any related questions or concerns.
  • Implement the financial plan and/or investment strategy in collaboration with other third-party professional advisors (CPA, estate planning attorney, etc.) as needed.

As part of the planning process, AFCG is able to provide our clients with referrals to unaffiliated third-party professionals in the Richmond, VA community we have experience working with on a collaborative basis for the non-investment aspects of a financial plan.

Step 5: AFCG Provides Periodic Reviews And Updates

After initial plan implementation, AFCG does the following:

  • Reviews your financial plan with you at least annually.
  • Reviews your investment plan and reports performance to you at least quarterly.
  • Monitors your investment accounts and makes periodic adjustments.
  • Serves as an objective resource for ongoing advice and planning.

AFCG strongly encourages clients to notify us about material changes that occur in their lives that may affect their financial and investment plans.  We enjoy meeting with our clients on a regular basis to keep them well-informed about their investments.    

Please contact us with any questions about our process or to learn more about getting started. 

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