AFCG offers four fee-only services:

Each service can be obtained individually or on an integrated basis.  Our strong belief is that every household should have a basic financial plan in place irrespective of net worth or amount of investable assets. 

At a minimum, we generally recommend that clients have a household cash flow and net worth composition analysis completed prior to or in conjunction with engaging AFCG for fee-only investment management services. 

For the Business Owner, we provide a fully-integrated personal financial analysis combined with a review of his or her business assets - including business process optimization and exit strategy planning.  

Risk Management

The concept of "risk management" is the single most important element to address in the financial planning and investment management process. 

In today's economic and geo-political environment characterized by historically elevated risk levels, U.S. households and investors must confront multiple financial risk factors including:

  • Longevity Risk: Outliving available financial resources.
  • Volatility Risk: Having financial markets and assets values fluctuate dramatically. 
  • Interest Rate Risk: Losing principal value in bond investments as interest rates rise.
  • Inflation Risk: Experiencing a rising cost of living due to a declining U.S. dollar.
  • Tax Risk: Having net worth eroded over time by increasing taxes and fees.
  • Counter-Party Risk: Being exposed to a financial institution or insurer that fails.

AFCG's most important role as a fiduciary firm is to help our clients identify the risks they face, evaluate prudent planning and/or investment options, and then formulate a client-specific action plan to address these risks over time. 

The Declining U.S. Dollar and Inflation

The base inflation rate that AFCG currently uses for real-world planning purposes is 5% per year, which corresponds to the average consumer price inflation rate since 1971 when President Nixon ended international dollar convertibility to gold. 

AFCG considers inflation--i.e., a loss of U.S. dollar purchasing power due to money supply growth--to be a significant financial risk to U.S. consumers, savers, retirees, and investors for the foreseeable future.    

AFCG places special emphasis on discussing the topic of inflation and currency risk now associated with U.S. dollar-denominated investments.  Helping our clients actively manage inflation risk and think about wealth preservation in real (inflation-adjusted) terms is integral to our process and Investment Philosophy.  

Referral Resources

As part of our comprehensive process, AFCG is able to provide our clients with helpful referrals to unaffiliated third-party professionals in the Richmond, VA community we have experience working with on a collaborative basis for the non-investment aspects of a financial plan.

Our third-party referral resources can provide the following specialized services for our clients:

  • Tax Return Preparation and Tax Advice
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Gold/Silver Bullion Transactions
  • Sustainable/Green Living Design-Build Contractors
  • Employee Benefit Plan Administration
  • Independent Executor and Trustee Services
  • Middle Market Business Brokerage Services
  • Elder Care
  • Estate Settlement/Administration
  • Estate and Trust Planning
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